Our Thalidomide Video Library

Over the last 50 years thalidomide has become very popular to the media worldwide. The media followed our story the Justice and have been very supportive when campaigns have been fought. It all started back in the 60s when the Sunday Times decided that it wanted to help the families of thalidomide survivors. If it had not been for the Sunday Times then Thalidomide UK would not been successful in campaigning for further monies from the government and Diageo.

Please click on the Multimedia look at the drop down menu and you can view either Documentaries on Thalidomide or even news stories.


The way we view and watch television these days are completely different than when we were children watching our best programs in black and white. Technology has changed over the years so quickly starting from colour TVs then flat screens then larger screens, HD and now 4K.


Internet has become a new way of life especially with social media and this is why Thalidomide UK wants to keep on top of technology.

This page will change regularly with new videos some in HD and digitally remastered by Thalidomide UK.


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