Our Committee


Thalidomide UK was previously named Thalidomide Action UK. Our Committee is currently being updated and new members, forward regularly.


However, until then it will be in control of the executive committee who makes very important decisions regarding our organisation. the executive committee consists of a president/President, chairperson and deputy chair.


There are currently three vacancies within the committee, however we can accept 12 persons onto the committee, before an election is needed. Each committee member is a volunteer and finance themselves. If the number exceeds 12, which includes executive members then an election would need to be called with the members taking control. a committee member can serve up to 5 years on the committee, unless there is unforeseen circumstances. A member may carry on serving longer if they request and the number have not exceeded 12 committee members.


Freddie Astbury

President & Founder


O: 01513240552 | M: 07852 77 5000

Freddie founded Thalidomide Action group UK and in the early 2000 changed their name to Thalidomide UK. Freddie went on hunger strike in 1993 on Christmas Eve to highlight that thalidomide people where having financial problems and that the original compensation was in adequate. Freddie retired 30th June 2015

Kim Fenton


Kim joined thalidomide UK in 1994 a year after it was founded as the Northern Ireland consultant. Kim was born without legs and informed hands. She became a Mayor in Northern Ireland and tirelessly for equal opportunities for disabled people.

Glenn Harrison 
(Deputy Chair)

Deputy Chair

Glenn joined thalidomide UK in 1995 and has worked on behalf of the organisation in helping the use of thalidomide today and its regulatory program. He has worked with the following government organisations the European medicines and the medicines control agency (UK).

Mandy Masters (COM)


Heather Bird
(Scottish Adviser)

Scottish Consultant

Current and Previous Committee Members:


Freddie Astbury (1993/Present)

Kim Fenton (formally Morton) (1994/Present)

Glenn Harrison (1995/Present)

Heather Bird (1994/6- Present)

Heather was the first to be appointed to represent Scotland for Thalidomide Action Group UK.

Mandy Masters (2001/6 re-joined 2013/Present)

Jeannette Cooke (1993/November 2002)

Jeannette Cooke sadly passed away in November 2002 while still serving on the committee and was the very first Deputy Chairperson for Thalidomide Action Group UK

Gary Skyner (1993/94)

Mark Bond (1993/95)

Anthony Lynch (1993/95)Christopher Lingard (Legal Adviser) (1995/2005) (2010/12)

Chris was the first qualified legal adviser to be appointed to represent our organisation

Maggie Boyd (1997/07)

Darren Mansell (Liaison Officer) (2002/12)

David Fullerton (1997/8)

Gwenn-Ross Williams (Scottish Advisor) (2002/12)

Michael Caswell (Disability Advisor) (2002/04)

Kevin Donnellon (1993/04 and re-joined 2001/2)

Hazel Simons (1994/6)