Thalidomide News Archives


BBC NW Second Generation 1995


BBC North West highlights a story after new evidence comes to light that thalidomide could cause second-generation?

ITV Carlton Central News 1999


Founder of thalidomide UK Freddie Astbury highlights that thalidomide survivors are not getting the healthcare birthday require in the UK.

10 News Ausralian Thalidomide Babies Win Compensation Diageo 2011


After years of campaigning the Australian thalidomide survivors come to a financial settlement with Diageo.

Newsy News 2013 Thalidomide Victims Call Apology 'Insulting'


The German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal that invented the drug thalidomide

"its actions, however thalidomide survivors call it insulting.



Sky News Barrings Bank 1995 ft a thalidomide survivor


Thalidomide trust loses millions through Barings bank.

Zee TV 1995 ft Freddie Astbury and Glenn Harrison


Freddie Astbury and Glenn Harrison appear on the Indian news channel Zee TV. They both highlight that if thalidomide is to be used today then it must be strictly regulated to prevent history being repeated.