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Happy Birthday Thalidomide

Channel 4


Presented by Matt Fraser, who himself is a thalidomide survivor. Matt has also appeared in a musical called Thalidomide the Musical. Matt is also a professional actor and has appeared in BBC1 Holby City where he played thalidomide survivor, was offered the drug thalidomide. Matt also played drums for one night only with Coldplay.

This documentary has been digitally re-mastered by Thalidomide TV.

Tin Lids HD 16 9 Digital Remastered Full Episode


This documentary was made in 1991 and highlight the history of the fight for the parents of thalidomide children. It shows the children grow up and become adults. Thalidomide UK believe that this is one of the best documentaries ever made on our disability.

Thalidomide at 40 HD Digital Remasted 2014


Thalidomide survivor Jeanette Cooke in this documentary celebrates her 40th birthday. Shortly after appearing Jeanette went into hospital for a routine operation, but died shortly afterwards. This film has been digitally re-mastered by Thalidomide TV.

Horizon A Second Chance 2003


BBC's Horizon highlights that the drug thalidomide is still being prescribed to a number of patients in the UK for various illnesses/diseases.

Even today the thalidomide community is split on whether the drug should be used to help patients.

BBC On Giant Shoulders HD 16 9

this BBC2 drama/documentary tells the story of telling of Terry Wiles a thalidomide survivor who was adopted in the 70s. His adoptive father Len wiles was an inventor. His mother (Helen wiles) was played by Judi Dench.

BBC Horizon – Necessary Evil

another documentary made by the BBC asks the question should thalidomide be used today?

Thalidomide is used to help various diseases such as multiple myeloma and although blood cancers.

Thalidomide UK accepts that they are some thalidomide survivors who would prefer that the drug is not used.


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