Contergan – Just One Tablet


The Movie that Shook Germany


A German film about the drug thalidomide, first issued 50 years ago, will be aired despite opposition by the firm that invented the medication. The drug caused thousands of children to be born with severe disabilities.

 Grünenthal pharmaceuticals had tried to get the TV movie banned, saying it was not a fair or truthful depiction of the tragic story.

But judges in Hamburg ruled that it is clearly fiction rather than a documentary. This means it is officially a work of art protected from censorship by the German constitution.

The film called “Contergan – Just One Tablet” was aired on German public television in August 2007.

Contergan was the German name for the drug that was given to pregnant women to treat morning sickness in the 1950s and the early 1960s. The drug triggered the biggest pharmaceutical scandal in postwar Germany after it later became clear that it caused severe damage to the limbs and internal organs of unborn foetuses.


Contergan – Just One Table