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In 1959 the very first baby was born with severe limb deformities as a result of the drug Thalidomide and there has never been a public enquiry into how this tragedy was allowed to happen on such a large scale.

Thalidomide UK would be grateful if you could vote on whether you feel that Thalidomide survivors over 56 years on deserve an independent enquiry into Thalidomide tragedy?

What would Thalidomide enquiry gain?

A Thalidomide enquiry would hold all those responsible for the Thalidomide tragedy held accountable such as: Distillers Biochemical Chemical Ltd (Diageo), UK and German government and Grünenthal.

It is very important that you just take a minute of your time and vote to we can get a good indication on whether you feel that it is right for Thalidomide people to get justice?

Please vote below:

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We are here to help you all in understanding the disability of thalidomide and the side-effects of over medicines.

We can help you if you have been affected by the drug thalidomide and advise you how to seek compensation.

Our website is designed to educate the younger generation in reference to our unique disability. Thalidomide is not the only drug that can cause deformities in babies they are many others as you will learn by looking at our archives, which is available on this website.